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So there’s one thing I want to say about this moment, about Kurt saying this and being so sure. I’ve seen people say it is because that is how Kurt Hummel loves and because of his positive experiences with Burt, and I’m not discounting any of that. But this is something Kurt also knows now from hard experience—he was hurt by Blaine, wanted to get over Blaine and stop loving him and Kurt couldn’t.

This is not the same boy who made a promise in high school in blind faith. This is a young man that traveled through heartbreak, found Blaine still, forever, in his heart, and made a choice to be with him.

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what you have is real and worth fighting for
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Then one day you’re gonna wake up and realize that ‘I don’t love him anymore.’


kurt + being the real hero of glee


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at least we all know one thing for certain now.
Blaine Anderson loves Kurt Hummel more than anything in the world.